A New Novel by D. L. Hawkes

A New Novel
D. L. Hawkes

All profits from the sale of this novel will be given to children’s charities.

Donation to CHEO

Donna with Seamus Sullivan, CHEO Foundation


October 19, 2022
On the first anniversary of the launching of my novel Descent Into Hell, I was very pleased to present a cheque to the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) Foundation for $800.00. The donation was received by Seamus Sullivan, Corporate Development Officer for the CHEO Foundation. This donation was in keeping with my commitment to donate profits from sale of the novel to children’s charities.

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Donna with Seamus Sullivan, CHEO Foundation

About Descent Into Hell


Published October 2021

It is one of the great biblical mysteries. The three days Yeshua of Nazareth spent in the tomb are unaccounted for. What happened during those days? The Apostles' Creed says that He descended into hell. What happened there?

This novel envisions an incredible journey that Christ might have experienced, from the crucifixion atop Golgotha, to his burial, to the Garden of Eden Paradise, and, ultimately, into the bowels of the sinister underworld. Joined by choirs of angels and the Good Thief, Dismas, Yeshua encounters resistant and combative satanic forces jealously defending their dark prison of souls of the sleeping righteous biblical figures.

Accompany Christ on his divine rescue mission, and be part of this creative and imaginative take on this glorious mystery.

About Descent Into Hell


Teacher's Guide

This Teacher’s Guide will assist teachers to prepare and deliver lessons related to the study of Descent into Hell. It contains questions and suggested answers suitable for English or Religion Education classes, as well as additional tasks appropriate for Visual Arts, Drama and History classes. It supports an integrated approach for intermediate students.


"This was a great read. Not just a lot of skill went into this, but a lot of prayer. It is very moving in many parts and, most importantly, it lifts us beyond our earth-bound selves to see a greater reality."

Father Rod McNeil

"That was such a beautiful, emotional and thought-provoking read. I did need to stop, on occasion, and wipe the tears from my eyes. You made the crucifixion come to life for me."

C. Murdock

"I foolishly picked this up late in the evening, and spent the next several hours enthralled!"

B. Nagle

"I can't believe the amount of detail and imagery particularly the “Hell” descriptions and battles with the forces of evil. It shows you must be a devout student of the Bible and have woven the whole story surrounding the three days into an action packed narrative....in short, well done!!Are you planning any sequels?"

N. Craig

"Your narrative style is direct and engaging. In fact, for me one of the most appealing aspects of your book is how you weave together all the threads from the different Gospels into a single story of the last tragic days of Christ's life and his crucifixion. Your expertise and command of the details up to the point of Christ's entombment is impressive!"

G. Hamnet

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photo by: Angela Flemming


Donna Hawkes has a Bachelor of Arts from Queen’s University and a Master of Education from the University of Toronto. She is retired from a long vocation as a Catholic educator, but continues to be a passionate student of Scripture. Her thirst and hunger for the Divine continues as she journeys to seek an even deeper faith.

Mrs. Hawkes lives in Ottawa, Ontario, with her husband of 50 years, and with her three daughters and five grandchildren nearby.

Author Bio

photo by: Angela Flemming